orange creamsicle

Fun fact: Did you know that a five digit produce code that starts with a ‘9’ means it is organically grown?  Apparently, a five digit code starting with an ‘8’ means the produce was genetically modified. If it’s a four digit code it was conventionally grown. Anyways, I seldom by organic produce but I saw … Continue reading

red velvet whoopie pie

Some people think Valentine’s Day is just a ploy to get you to buy something but I’ve always enjoyed making everything homemade.   From dinner to cookies or cards, I like having a day to remind me to be more thoughtful of others. I find that when you make Valentine’s Day about yourself it’s usually disappointing … Continue reading

Good ol’ Apple Pie

So today I had the day off and I wanted to do two things…work out and make apple pie.  Pie is something that I have under appreciated until about six months ago.  I don’t know what changed but  I even like it better than cake now. It’s just so homey and good.  (me talking about … Continue reading