tip to ripen fruit

Have you ever wanted to make a something that required ripe fruit but the fruit you just bought is rock hard? Well, to help fruit ripen faster, place the fruit in a brown paper bag and close it loosely.  They should ripen in a couple days. As fruit ripens it gives off a gas.  When … Continue reading

cupcake icing tips

This was my first time using an actual pastry bag and fancy tip to ice cupcakes.  I was impressed with how easy it was to make cupcakes look beautiful so I wanted to share what I learned so you can have fancy cupcakes too! Keep the overall design simple.  I used a white cupcake liner … Continue reading

cooking timeline

Yummy Easter lunch pictured above!  So I know that Easter was several weeks ago but I wanted to share my method of preparing a meal for company.  It can be intimidating having to cook for a group.  What if my food doesn’t turn out? What if it’s not all done when guests arrive?  How am … Continue reading

a guide to pie crust

Since  starting this blog I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like pie.  (I seriously really like pie). I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to make a coconut cream pie this weekend.  It was going to be amazing and I was finally going to satisfy my pie craving but … Continue reading

softened butter tip

A lot of baking recipes require you to have softened butter.  The softened butter is important because it allows the cookies or whatever you are making to rise appropriately, however, it takes hours to soften.  In the winter, my home is so cold I have place the butter near the heater to make sure it … Continue reading