veggie quesadilla

I went to my local farmers market and had an awesome vegetable quesadilla with cheese from one of the vendors.  Grilled veggies in a quesadilla…what a simple yet tasty concept.  Because it is so simple, I decided that I wanted to create my own at home with produce I found at the market. What if … Continue reading

salsa verde

So I used to not be a big parsley fan just like I wasn’t a big ginger fan but I learned to use it in the right application.  In this case, it’s salsa verde.  This stuff is amazing.  I’ve used it on top of chicken, as a sandwich spread and in soup. I’ve also seen other chefs like … Continue reading

pork belly buns

I’m the type of person that goes out to eat and asks myself ‘can I make that?’  I thought this when I ate the pork belly buns at a local Taiwanese restaurant. Pork is good.  Pork belly is amazing. I have wanted to try this recipe for for-e-ver.  Thankfully the superbowl was coming so I … Continue reading