peach hand pies

I made a blueberry pie last week and it was amazing.  I saved the scraps of the pie crust and decided to make peach hand pies since I had an overripe peach that needed to be used. To start you’ll need your pie crust scraps and a peach pealed and sliced. I rolled out my … Continue reading

blueberry pie

Check out my latest creation…blueberry pie!  I went blueberry picking and wanted to make a pie. I have to say that I felt so accomplished since I picked the blueberries myself and made a pie from scratch.  It doesn’t get any better than that does it? I made two  pie crusts the night before.  I … Continue reading

a guide to pie crust

Since  starting this blog I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like pie.  (I seriously really like pie). I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to make a coconut cream pie this weekend.  It was going to be amazing and I was finally going to satisfy my pie craving but … Continue reading

Good ol’ Apple Pie

So today I had the day off and I wanted to do two things…work out and make apple pie.  Pie is something that I have under appreciated until about six months ago.  I don’t know what changed but  I even like it better than cake now. It’s just so homey and good.  (me talking about … Continue reading