u-pick blueberries


Blueberries are in season so of course I had to find a u-pick farm and a friend to go.  This u-pick farm was only a few minutes away from the downtown area.  It’s kinda like a hidden patch of greenery that I never knew existed.


In addition to the u-pick blueberries there’s a store where you can buy local produce and even raw honey.  They didn’t have any honey yet but I’m going to go back when they do.  Also, I learned that a tayberry is a cross between a marionberry and raspberry. I will also return for some of these delicious berries.


Gorgeous day to pick some blueberries.  Look at that sky!!


Look at all the shades of blue and purple.  I find berry picking relaxing. All you have to do is fill your bucket with yummy ripe berries.  It’s not complicated. You get to see a lot of pretty things and you’re away from cars and busy streets. I tend to like going on off peak times as well so I’m not fighting a crowd.  Less people means more berries for me :).


Speaking of pretty things….we found a snail. I found couple of these along the way.


Above is my friend hard at work!!! She filled her bucket up pretty well.  It was only $1.50/lb for these organic blueberries so why not? My plan for my berries is a blueberry pie. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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