barbeque on the fourth


Instead of making yummy eats myself this 4th I found someone that could cook for me.  Being from Texas, we found a native Texan living in the northwest that smokes his own meat.  He holds dinners every few months at different venues and you have to buy ticket before they sell out.  I’ve also heard that he even imports mesquite and pecan wood from Texas.  That’s legit.

I can always appreciate good barbeque.  Now let me tell you about good ol’ Texas barbeque. It’s smoked meat (typically brisket) seasoned with a dry rub.  It takes hours to smoke but it’s worth it when it’s done right.  I have never smoked brisket before and to be honest I’m okay with leaving that to the experts for now :).


Dinner was held at a Chinese restaurant that was closed specifically for us as a private event.  Once we made our way there, it was fun to chat and wait for the barbeque to arrive.   He literally pulled up in a van with the smoker hitched to the back…still smoking :).  Maybe one day I’ll have one and learn the art of smoking meat.


So more up close photo of the smoker above.

After much anticipation, dinner was served and our plates were filled with meats and sides.


Meats included:

Smoked sausage-It was almost burnt and was so good.  I love burnt sausage (I’m being totally serious).

Pork rib-I don’t really like ribs but this was good… probably the best I’ve had.  It was tender but didn’t fall apart

Pulled pork-quite good, not dry or over shredded

Brisket-good smoke  flavor but lean.  I like fatty brisket.



Notice the pink ring around the edge? It’s the smoke ring.  That’s when you know it’s actually smoked. Also, note the essential layer of fat and charred outside.

Overall, I was pleased with the dinner. Was it the best barbeque I’ve ever had? No, but I have to give credit to someone that imports wood from Texas and would take the time to feed others on the 4th.

Things to know about Texas Barbeque

  • Brisket is king
  • Sauce is on the side people, don’t expect your meat to be swimming in sauce when served.  You get to apply it yourself.
  • Plain sandwich white bread is served as a side.  I prefer this over a roll. I like the simplicity of it all.
  • Other condiments may consist of: pickles, peppers, raw onions and etc.

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