u-pick strawberries


I have to post about u-pick strawberries.  For those of you who don’t know, ‘u-pick’ means that you go to the actual farm and they let you pick the strawberries yourself straight off the vine.  This was my first time doing this and I was so excited!!!! As you can tell from the photo above they looked amazing and tasted even better. If you have never eaten a freshly picked strawberry please try it.  These were the most tender, sweet and juicy strawberries I’ve EVER had. I can’t even explain it to you.  You just have to try it yourself. Also, they were only $1 per pound. How can you beat that?



You just pick up a box and a carrier and you’re off!  I loved the cute wooden carriers.  It just added to my experience.


My favorite type of berries to pick were the funky shaped ones.  I noticed that most of the berries didn’t look perfect like the store bought berries.  I appreciate that the u-pick strawberries were imperfectly shaped because that’s how they are supposed to be.  I wish I could pick strawberries all year round. I’d never go back to store bought :).

Happy Picking!!!!

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