iced coffee


I’ve noticed my caffeine consumption has increased over the past couple weeks.  I don’t drink it often but I guess when I want it…I want it.  Iced coffee is something I enjoy so much more than a hot drip.  It’s cold, creamy and really tasty. Iced coffee is a treat for me so I like to take my time and enjoy it sip by sip so a straw is a must.


I didn’t have a plan to make iced coffee it just happend.  My husband dropped me off at Trader Joe’s while he got a hair cut so I happily bought groceries and browsed the aisles for new things to try. Althought fun, you may end up buying the entire store if you browse for too long so be careful.   I happen to find the wall of coffee and instantly got a craving for iced coffee.  I knew it was time to make my own instead of buying it.  It’s still cheap to buy compared to other coffee but I’m always down to find a way to make things myself especially if it’s economical. Also, I can make it as strong as I want.


So let me confess that I am not a coffee expert and I cannot tell the difference between ‘high end’ coffee beans and ‘cheap’ coffee beans…I just drink coffee.  Occasionally I even drink instant coffee *gasp*  so what I’m trying to say is that coffee is not that complicated to me and I’m okay with buying whatever looks good to me.

IMG_0621I’ve seen lots of methods on how to make iced coffee and have never tried it because I don’t want to make an entire gallon (again I don’t drink caffeine that much) so when I saw the method of using my french press I thought it would produce the right amount.

For iced coffee you have to use almost 3 times the amount of ground coffee than hot coffee.


You just dump the ground coffee and water (not hot) in the french press and let it sit over night.  You could even stick it in the refrigerator but I didn’t.  In the morning or when you are ready, just press it like normal, pour over ice and VOILA….you have iced coffee. It’s something so simple.  I never thought to use my french press for iced coffee so I wanted to pass it along.  If you don’t have a french press you could use a jar and strain it…no big deal.

You could just brew the coffee with hot water and wait for it to cool but I’d rather take the time over night for it to cold brew then wait for coffee to cool. A cold brew has a less acidic taste so I prefer it.


cubes 🙂


For the record, I drink everything out of this jar…it’s my favorite.

Cold and creamy…any ice coffee fans out there?


Iced Coffee

recipe adapted from Huffington Post

makes 12oz


French press/jar and strainer

whole coffee beans

coffee grinder

water (not hot)




Grind enough coffee beans to make 7 tablespoons of coffee grinds. This amount was pretty strong so if you don’t like super strong coffee try less.  I used my magic bullet with spice grinder attachment.  Pour into french press.

Pour the 12oz of water in with the coffee grinds and cover with top of french press but do not press.

Let it sit overnight. When ready, press the coffee and pour over ice. Add cream and sugar to taste.

Add a straw of course, sip and enjoy!

5 thoughts on “iced coffee

  1. Now I want iced coffee. I don’t have a french press because we don’t really need one, but I’ve always wanted one. Mostly because I like the way they look 🙂

  2. Yum! That looks great, I never thought of using the french press and having it sit over night for iced coffee. I’m going to try that tonight! I’ve used my french press to froth milk to make café au lait one of my favs. Chai tea lattes are amazing too. AND MILKE TEA! I’m requesting a BOBA post at some point! :p

      • The hard thing about boba is trying to make it not too hard or not too soft it needs to be just right! (Ha! Three little bears) And giving it a sweet flavor – honey is key. I haven’t done it in a while but would like to start as a good summer treat for myself! 😄

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