San Franciso


I went on a trip to find nice weather and good food. I found both in San Franciso! I’ve never been before and was exited to see what the city had to offer. Normally I like really chill vacations where you lay in the sun and read a book the entire day so San Francisco was an adventure.  Anyways, I just wanted to do a recap of some sights and some eats.


Sorry, I was so busy eating I forgot to take a before shot. Above is crispy pork belly with basil at Lers Ros.   It had a crispy skin yet it was braised in a really good savory sauce with basil. We wanted to eat here again but decided we should be kind to our heart and not spike our cholesterol again.


The Ferry Building Market. This was neat to visit and just browse around. Of all the places to have a snack, my husband chooses this little stand that didn’t even have a name that sold fresh Italian pasties. I appreciated the little stand because there were no bells or whistles about it…it just sold good pastries filled with the most delicate pastry cream (pictured below).



Such a variety of mushrooms…I wish I had a kitchen to cook them up! Also, there were ramps which I have never cooked with but really want to. I can’t wait to get back to my own farmers market.


Bread animals at Boudin Bakery. Let’s be honest…the bread didn’t blow me away but the animals were so cute!


The famous cable cars add so much character to the city but really aren’t a great form of transportation. It was worth trying once!


We got this ice cream from Norman’s Ice cream & Freezes. For those of you not familiar with this flavor it’s called ube which is a purple yam. I grew up eating this in pastries, candies and ice cream. We didn’t have it that much but when we did I didn’t like it as much.  I guess my tastes have changed.  The purple yam flavor was cool, creamy and not too sweet. I will definitely be making something with this flavor in the future.  I loved rediscovering ube!


We found the Señor Sisig food truck which serves Filipino fusion. Sisig is a traditional way of preparing meat by dicing and cooking it with onions, vinegar, lemon juice and spices. Above is the sisig rice plate with an egg on it. The best part was the crunchy charred bits of meat. I can see why this would be good in a burrito. My photo doesn’t do this meal justice.


…and of course Tartine bakery. I ordered the pain au chocolate (top), morning bun and the lemon tart. My favorite by far was the pain au chocolate. Pastries aren’t my favorite but this was made well. It was flaky yet tender and buttery. It almost had a nutty quality to it that I couldn’t figure out…something like brown butter.  The crust itself was almost savory but when eaten with the chocolate was really good. I should have ordered a coffee to go with it. Next, we had the morning glory bun. This is obviously a morning item since its like a cinnamon roll but made with croissant dough. I can see this being an amazing bun fresh out of the oven but cold it wasn’t spectacular. Lastly, the lemon tart…I loved it. The lemon curd was delicate and just the right amount of tang which went well with the unsweetened whipped topping. I could eat another one right now.


Last stop…Tcho New American Chocolate.  I wish we could have gone on their free tour but it we missed the time.  I still got to have free samples at the store though which was great!  They gather different cocoa beans from different regions to accomplish different flavors. So the ‘fruity’ chocolate doesn’t have any actual fruit in it.  It’s just the flavor of the cocoa bean from that specific region. They also had a 99% dark chocolate bar.  Let’s just say this bar is super intense but in a good way.  It’s not for everyone.

Anyways, hope you had fun viewing some of my sights and eats from San Francisco!

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