cooking timeline


Yummy Easter lunch pictured above!  So I know that Easter was several weeks ago but I wanted to share my method of preparing a meal for company.  It can be intimidating having to cook for a group.  What if my food doesn’t turn out? What if it’s not all done when guests arrive?  How am I going to get this all done?  Well, a cooking timeline can ease the stress of it all by providing some organization.  So below is a little peek on what my cooking timeline looked like for Easter.


To prepare I read each recipe at least twice so that I know exactly what each dish requires.  I try to plan out a variety of dishes that will utilize the stove and oven but for this meal pretty much everything was baked in the oven besides the salad :).

Next,  I try to prep as much as I can the night before if possible.  I didn’t really have anything to prep  this time so I gathered all my ingredients and put them on the kitchen table so I wouldn’t have to scrounge around and waste time later.  Then it was time to sit down and create my timeline.  To do this, I wrote down all the tasks I had to complete for each dish, what temperature the oven needed to be set, how long it will take the dish to bake (leaving extra room if more time is needed), etc.  After the to do list was written for each dish, I combined them together and put it into a timeline.

I make a timeline every time I cook for a large group to make sure everything is cooked on time…well sometimes.  See the middle dish in the top photo?  It’s called pizza rustica which is kind of like a huge quiche (sorry if I offended any Italian people but its the best way to describe what this is to others who don’t know….seriously I’m sorry).  Well, I undercooked it and it was pretty much a cheesy gooey disaster.  After, I nuked some of it in the microwave and shoved the rest of it back in the oven to cook my guests were kind enough to eat it and said it was good but I was kicking myself for not double checking it. The tooth pick came out clean when I checked it the first time! Oh well, you can’t be perfect every time and I learned to double check all everything I bake :).

Easter Lunch Menu

Pizza Rustica by stickygooeycreamycheesey

No knead white bread by me

Roasted mushrooms by Smitten Kitchen

Roasted small potatoes (coat with olive oil and bake at 450 degrees F for 45min)

Roasted pecan strawberry feta spinach salad

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