a guide to pie crust


Since  starting this blog I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like pie.  (I seriously really like pie). I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to make a coconut cream pie this weekend.  It was going to be amazing and I was finally going to satisfy my pie craving but I didn’t know what type of pie crust to make.  Several questions about pie crust soon flooded my brain.  Should I use butter or lard?  What about shortening?  What’s the difference? What are some tips to make it tender and flaky? How do I prevent the crust from shrinking?  Which pie crusts are best with certain fillings? What is the difference between a pie crust and a tart crust?

Now I’ve made a few pie crusts before but I never really took the time to figure out which had the best flavor and texture.  So that’s my mission…I’m going to learn as much as I can about pie crusts and report my findings here.  I suppose this will be my first series (I’m excited).  I know there is already a lot of information on the internet about what pie fat to use and different methods but I wanted to experience it for myself.  To start, I bought three different pie fats (pictured above) butter, shortening and lard to experiment with. Yay!

So off I go…the coconut cream pie will have to wait. I’m on a mission :).

6 thoughts on “a guide to pie crust

  1. I’m so happy to follow along on your “mission.” Pie crust is one of those “shaky” areas for me (sometimes I get it right and other times it goes horribly wrong). Would love to know the best method/ingredients since berry season is quickly approaching and I’d like to tackle some berry pies.

  2. I think I’ve only used shortening before. I can’t wait to see your results!

    Also, coconut cream pie goes really great with complicated board games. Just sayin…

    • oh Jenny I love you :). That’s actually a really good idea b/c I bought all the ingredients for the coconut cream pie and didn’t make it! Don’t be surprised if I show up with pie :).

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