cornflake cookies

Do you like cornflakes? I don’t regularly eat cornflakes but I thought incorporating them into a cookie would be good.  Cornflakes are neat in that they can be used in a sweet and  savory applications.  I couldn’t get the flavor of ‘cereal & milk’ out of my head so I wanted to make these cornflake … Continue reading

San Franciso

I went on a trip to find nice weather and good food. I found both in San Franciso! I’ve never been before and was exited to see what the city had to offer. Normally I like really chill vacations where you lay in the sun and read a book the entire day so San Francisco … Continue reading

cooking timeline

Yummy Easter lunch pictured above!  So I know that Easter was several weeks ago but I wanted to share my method of preparing a meal for company.  It can be intimidating having to cook for a group.  What if my food doesn’t turn out? What if it’s not all done when guests arrive?  How am … Continue reading

a guide to pie crust

Since  starting this blog I’ve mentioned a couple times how much I like pie.  (I seriously really like pie). I couldn’t get it out of my head so I decided to make a coconut cream pie this weekend.  It was going to be amazing and I was finally going to satisfy my pie craving but … Continue reading