food adventure bucket list


I talk about food a lot…pretty much all the time.   I also try to learn about food any chance I get through cooking shows, magazines, researching recipes online, other food blogs and eating out at restaurants.  Because this topic is such an interest to me, I find myself daydreaming about all the things I want to do foodwise.  I keep a little black book with me to jot down the ideas that run through my head and enjoy adding to my ‘to do’ list.

In no particular order my food adventure bucket list:

  • make brie
  • learn to butcher (including pig, cow, fish)
  • grow my own herb garden
  • grow a vegetable garden
  • use saffron in a recipe
  • throw a dinner party
  • taste a truffle
  • smoke my own salmon
  • own an enamel dutch oven
  • learn about coffee
  • learn how to make latte art
  • read Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson
  • make Julia Child’s beef bourguignon
  • find a go to cake recipe that is so simple I don’t have to look up the recipe when I make it
  • write down my mother’s recipes for every single Filipino dish she has cooked (seriously needs to be done)
  • can something, maybe peaches
  • take a cake decorating class
  • transition all drinking glasses in the house  to be mason jars (I ❤ mason jars)

Some listed are easy to accomplish and others may take more time.  Either way it’s really fun to think about.  Do you have any future adventures you like to day dream about?

One thought on “food adventure bucket list

  1. Hi Kim, I loved reading your list and wondered if you were interested in submitting a future post to a new event called Our Growing Edge.

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    We are currently accepting posts from March and I hope you can make it.

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