brown sugar lump

So can I be honest about something?  My pantry isn’t very organized.  Well, my pantry isn’t really a pantry it’s just a cabinet where I continue to shove anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  Amidst all of this are extra bags of brown sugar that don’t fit in the sealed container.  Sometimes that brown … Continue reading

avocado cupcake

What do you think of when you hear the word avocado cupcake? Today it means a classic white cupcake with an avocado buttercream.  For the longest I have been trying to figure out how to make an avocado buttercream that is fluffy.  Most recipes will tell you just to mix the avocado flesh with powdered … Continue reading

orange creamsicle

Fun fact: Did you know that a five digit produce code that starts with a ‘9’ means it is organically grown?  Apparently, a five digit code starting with an ‘8’ means the produce was genetically modified. If it’s a four digit code it was conventionally grown. Anyways, I seldom by organic produce but I saw … Continue reading

red velvet whoopie pie

Some people think Valentine’s Day is just a ploy to get you to buy something but I’ve always enjoyed making everything homemade.   From dinner to cookies or cards, I like having a day to remind me to be more thoughtful of others. I find that when you make Valentine’s Day about yourself it’s usually disappointing … Continue reading

pork belly buns

I’m the type of person that goes out to eat and asks myself ‘can I make that?’  I thought this when I ate the pork belly buns at a local Taiwanese restaurant. Pork is good.  Pork belly is amazing. I have wanted to try this recipe for for-e-ver.  Thankfully the superbowl was coming so I … Continue reading

simple shortbread

Every now and then I want something simple. Like I want to wear jeans and a fitted t-shirt to feel put together but casual. I want to use simple colors like black and white (maybe grey because it’s one of my favorites) because they are great accents and can even stand alone.  My lunch was simple today.  … Continue reading