olive oil candle holder


Do you ever find yourself collecting empty glass jars and bottles?  I love the variety of shapes and sizes of glass jars that come from jam/preserves, mustard and spaghetti sauce to name a few.  I use them for drinking glasses, flower vases or in this case a candle holder.  It’s a pretty easy craft all you need is…

…an empty bottle,  this one used to contain Bertolli olive oil


string (if needed) and candle sticks of course


If your candle stick doesn’t fit the opening of your bottle like below, use the string to wrap around the base of the candle stick. Do this until the base fits snug into the opening of the bottle.


like so…


Simple, easy and elegant.


 I can’t wait to use these. The candle wax that drips off the side will be really romantic. I can also see this being a great center piece for a dinner party.

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