no knead whole wheat bread


So I was in the mood for bread and thought I should make a loaf.  What I really wanted was something 100% whole wheat.  Many recipes will say ‘whole wheat’ but there’s only 1/3 cup of whole wheat flour in the dough…I think that defeats the purpose of using whole wheat.  I like fiber and the more the better.

The recipe starts by mixing all the ingredients together and letting it sit over night for 12-18hrs.  Here is what the dough looks like after a good nights rest…


I actually used instant yeast instead of regular yeast.  I’m still learning the difference between the two and  I remember watching an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown about this very subject.  I’m sure the difference is important but this was all I had in the pantry. I will have to learn more and report back. The dough round puffs up quite large.


A method for baking awesome bread is using a dutch oven, however, I do not have one.  There are actually several ways to bake bread with out one.  You can use a baking stone with a roasting lid, a baking stone and throw ice cubes into a cast iron skillet, or a large oven safe pot with a lid/foil.  Look it up if you’re not familiar with any of these techniques.  The idea is to create steam during the early part of the baking process.  I chose the last option and used my crock pot insert and covered it with foil. I also had my baking stone at the bottom of the oven.  I rarely take my baking stone out of the oven but to clean.


The bread turned out well but not quite as crusty as I would have hoped.  The flavor was great but I would suggest baking it for an extra 20min. My crock pot may have affected the baking time since I didn’t use a dutch oven but I think there are ways to work around an issue when cooking or baking. It just takes time to figure out what works.


I’m thinking a white cheddar cheese and blueberry marionberry jam sandwich is in my future.


No knead 100% whole wheat

slightly adapted from My Healthy Eating Habits by Mireya Merritt


4 cups whole wheat flour

2 cups water plus 3 tablespoons water

2 teaspoons salt

½ plus 1/8 teaspoon yeast

Combine all ingredients together in a bowl until just mixed.  Cover and let it sit for 12-18hrs.

Next, pour out the dough onto a well floured work surface.  Start by folding the right side into the middle and fold the left side into the middle.  Lastly, fold the bottom of the dough to the top and shape into a round mound. Place the dough into a well floured tea towel and let it rise for 1.5hrs.

Place your oven safe pot inside the oven and preheat to 475 degrees for 30min allowing the dough more time to rise.  I placed my pot on top of my baking stone.

Take your oven safe pot out of the oven (please be careful) gently place the dough into the pot and cover with lid/foil.  Place back into oven for 30 min. After, take the lid off and cook for and additional 15min.  Total baking time is 45min, however, I suggest baking for an additional 15-20min if you want harder crust

Cool for at least 15min before cutting.

2 thoughts on “no knead whole wheat bread

  1. Kim! Great Blog- loving it! This no-knead recipe looks just like the one from Jim Lahey’s- My Bread book, one of my personal favorites!

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